Untitled (Unnamed)

2006, video installation.

I’m interested in the idea that societies fascination with the image of woman remains an enigma to society itself.

How are women living up to expectations of the way they should look, act and live their lives? Foucault uses the Panopticon as an example of how society disciplines its members by those members disciplining themselves; they ‘self-police’.

This is a sample of the video footage making up the larger installation

The image below is of a large-scale video installation of Untitled(Unnamed). Each body is made up of four parts filmed at different times and reconstructed during editing. Resulting in body parts moving separately within the whole. Toes and fingers wriggle, chests rise and fall and knees twitch, leaving the viewer mesmerized not knowing where to look next.

Untitled (Unnamed), installation view
Untitled (Unnamed), installation view

The humorous “hobbit feet” allow people into the work that for some becomes a serious feminist piece. Fairground fun mirrors become police, prison or concentration camp line-ups. Confusion on the number of models used becomes self-portraiture for others. Headless to allow the viewer to gaze at the bodies freely, but groin-less to interrupt what they actually came to see.


Best in Show, Wellington, 2006
Exposure ’06, Massey graduating show, Wellington, 2006

Curious about what’s happening in the studio?